14 Commitit (master)

Tekijä SHA1 Viesti Päivämäärä
  John-Mark Gurney 46560b4f12 work on adding a enable/disable all command... Turns out 6 vuotta sitten
  Arnaud Ruffin 0c87bfbc1e correction on what appears to be a copy/paste mistake 6 vuotta sitten
  Robert Klep f245c8dc4c Made imports more specific to speed up start of app 8 vuotta sitten
  Martin Koistinen c23e665197 Revert back to 2-state menu-icon plus cleanups and comments. 8 vuotta sitten
  Martin Koistinen 05aac311a5 Menu dynamically shows only those proxies which are configured. Support for FTP and RTSP proxies. 8 vuotta sitten
  Martin Koistinen 2ced7bdbd7 We need the service name, not the LocalizedDisplayName 8 vuotta sitten
  Robert Klep 9d3590f27f Removed dependency on networksetup to get list of network interfaces 8 vuotta sitten
  Robert Klep f35844b073 Added new icons 8 vuotta sitten
  Robert Klep e72ceeb76f Implemented support for HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS proxies 8 vuotta sitten
  Robert Klep 135f8b7a90 Fixed inconsistency between `networksetup` and `scutil` in the naming of the Airport/Wi-Fi device 10 vuotta sitten
  Robert Klep ee684c61cb Removed some old stuff 10 vuotta sitten
  Robert Klep 8b0de1872d Using dynamic store to load network services and active interface; changed active icon 10 vuotta sitten
  Robert Klep b75469eca8 Replaced title with images 10 vuotta sitten
  Robert Klep f46378309c Renamed from ProxySwitcher to ToggleProxy 10 vuotta sitten
  Robert Klep 9113abe2f3 Initial import 10 vuotta sitten