A simple wrapper for kqueue VNODE (for now) functionality to be asyncio compatible.
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This is a module to make select.kqueue module compatible with programs that use asyncio.

The core of kqueue is already implemented via the core asyncio, but other parts of kqueue, like EVFILT_VNODE and EVFILT_PROC are not. This module is currently limited to supporting basic EVFILT_VNODE functionality.

Sample Usage

To watch a file for modification:

fp = open(fname)
async with aiokq.watch_file(fp) as wf:
	while True:
		data = fp.read()
		# do some work on data

		# wait for a modification
		await wf()

The with symantics is required in order to address the race where a write is issued between the registration and the time that you do the read. There is the possibility that a wakeup happens and there are no modifications due to this race.