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  John-Mark Gurney f2b3eea27b add mac turds to git ignore.. vor 6 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 1fbe2f9ef7 add Oct meetup vor 6 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney af459a5e2c minimize the png icons using a web service.. This has a pretty large vor 6 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 947de6397e add missing charset so it gets set properly.. vor 6 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 073c64b999 add new meetings, and the missed one from before.. vor 6 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 22fcdf2a50 add July's meetup vor 6 Jahren
  Nate Lawson ae9cb78c8b June 2017 vor 6 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 1bda650bc4 Merge branch 'site-style' vor 6 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 4bac1b4383 Merge pull request #1 from baysec/site-style vor 6 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney c26866bf6c add back title/description so that the page has a title vor 6 Jahren
  natecode 42fc6099f8 Merge branch 'master' into site-style vor 6 Jahren
  Nate Lawson 2ac4525ab3 Add May meeting vor 6 Jahren
  Nate Lawson dbed29440f Remove prev/next links & post date. No one cares when posted. vor 6 Jahren
  Nate Lawson 1ad28004c2 Change subtitle vor 6 Jahren
  Nate Lawson afc7c6dad3 Clean up title. Don't list title, which is overridden elsewhere vor 6 Jahren
  Nate Lawson 4cdffd6eda Enlarge main title vor 6 Jahren
  Nate Lawson 6cfd7bd1c2 Remove duplicate date, add more description vor 6 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney bd1f139816 add new meetup.. vor 6 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 95244ac961 add April's meetup. vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney ce49b21c9f add descrption why clearing the deploy directory is needed vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 2d96239ffa comment out debugging statement.. vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 2be2709809 update with correct deployment instructions.. vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 478e52a624 Fix for uploading new files... vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 276e11db5e add March meetup.. vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 96d0245640 add some icons and make BaySec clickable so it goes to home vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney e41987b9a2 check to see if a file has changed before uploading it.. vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 5771a45cc0 add Feb's meetup... vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney d459e5107b convert over to s3 for publishing, add requirements.. vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 9c99bfc094 drop setting the acl, the bucket already has the needed acl.. vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 81e8f6d6b1 adding an s3 publisher.. vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 5c3bbbdddb add next meetup.. vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 72443bbf5e add map vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney f63f88e497 adjust layout.. vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 08c3c72757 add script to generate the next meetup after the last one... vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney df94d06a82 add instructions on how to publish the site.. This may changed depending vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney 68ab67f2c7 fix publishing.. vor 7 Jahren
  John-Mark Gurney f4564c4e6e initial version of the BaySec website.. vor 7 Jahren