Import python modules by their hash.
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Aliases: from a local file, kinda like requirements.txt, maps name to hash, either package/module name, or an author/public key name.

This has to be treated specially.  If two aliases appear to be the same, but one is fetched a "secure" IPFS hash, it MUST be compared w/ what ever secure hash the two aliases had in common.  Otherwise a malicious package could "pretend" that it hash the sha256 that's the same, but provide a bad IPFS hash, and then we'd load the malicous package instead.

Example: from cas.a.jmg.utils import aiter, anext

How to handle inventory? wrapper that keeps track of what hashes got loaded? write out to a mapping file? Or maybe a command given a url or ipfs, generates the necessary aliases + urls for it?

Features: add: file git(?)hub?

This will be needed for cas imported packages that use cas themselves:

Loaders that wish to support resource reading should implement a get_resource_reader(fullname) method as specified by

Hash options: urn old ietf draft: - not up to date hash-uri: - this looks best multihash: - no URI specification ipfs uri: - not a hash, but useful for IPFS names ni: - complicated, not well supported