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  John-Mark Gurney 99892a362b make the vlan an edge.. пре 1 година
  John-Mark Gurney 229a0e553c add the first bits of the lab that are installed and functional пре 1 година
  John-Mark Gurney e55534e756 catch up w/ the extension changes already committed to the Makefile пре 1 година
  John-Mark Gurney 86cd092139 try to use consistent names/terms, and update to use the new terms пре 1 година
  John-Mark Gurney ba0e55e819 add a reference for doing REST api.. пре 1 година
  John-Mark Gurney a37addb726 allow the test to configure which diagram to dump пре 1 година
  John-Mark Gurney c5e99b389f add some docs about USB serial devices.. пре 1 година
  John-Mark Gurney 97d0de193f rename files, and convert makefile to be more generic... пре 1 година
  John-Mark Gurney 75a2cbec27 add some definitions, and explain that the user will be able to пре 1 година
  John-Mark Gurney 3fc1eeef2b drop this, just going to use a DIN rail as they are more versitile.. пре 1 година
  John-Mark Gurney 17c406d50f insert new diagram, flesh out API, add a few questions.. пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney 67cf4a646c better label edges, this have better layout.. пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney c59016597d add logical diagram, need to think more how this is layed out.. пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney 16af02d27b use archive.org, it provides https.. пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney 1b1d4d0797 forgot to include this paragraph about poe.. пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney 21db130811 convert over to using PoE+splitters for power control instead of a пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney 9b836c2b77 add link to documentation for editing the graph.. пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney bff5695bd1 add macosx turd.. пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney c5405fae48 add starting files for the design... пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney 2b9e3c1f9c add rule for making diag.html, and ignore output products... пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney 05741a9db8 talk about power control using PoE. пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney dcfc594f38 fix up edges to what markdeep expects... пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney 5639885564 this should be faster. I forgot about sprintf. пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney 79f32b1a29 This is a generated file, don't add it.. пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney cb870fadaa add scripts and stuff necessary to automatically generate the diagram using graph-easy... пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney c6765ca354 rename this file to have a more useful name пре 2 година
  John-Mark Gurney 0b96ab9416 add some starting docs that I've worked on. пре 2 година