Information and documentation on building an embedded board test lab.
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  1. Architecture of FreeBSD Embedded Testing Environment
  2. Host Machine
  3. Provides connectivity to the internet, and Jails with root that have
  4. direct access to each host (so user can control NFS and related issues).
  5. Best way to provide this is via vnet for each jail. VALE or bridge switch
  6. and provide one of the direct connection, and one for internet.
  7. Host allows device reservation, and allows each jail to turn on/off
  8. the device (host can drop socket in the jail, or via union mount). Passes through serial console as well (devfs).
  9. USB to SPI?
  10. 768-1118-ND
  14. cyprus ez-usb fx2
  16. fx3
  17. 428-3347-ND
  19. ucontrol + gige, chips $10, but dev kit $100, looks like no pre made boards
  21. Power control:
  22. PoE switch + splitters
  23. Advantages of this:
  24. Remote power on/off
  25. current monitoring
  26. no external power supplies
  27. shorter runs (for 5V)
  28. any voltage (can easily get 12V for RockPro64)
  29. $22:
  30. B07W87KSFQ ANVISION 2-Pack Gigabit PoE Splitter, 48V to 12V 2A Ethernet Adapter, for Security Camera, AP, Voip and More, AV-PS12-G
  31. $10 for Pine64 5V PoE splitter
  32. $250, or $16/port:
  33. N82E16833122947 NETGEAR ProSAFE Easy-Mount 16-Port PoE+ Gigabit Smart Managed Switch with 2 SFP Ports (GS418TPP)