The blog.
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Template information:

  • title: The title of the page
  • created: Initial date of post, ISO-8601 format
  • updated: Last updated date of post, ISO-8601 format
  • twittertitle (option): Title to use for the twitter card instead of title.
  • description: Description of the page
  • image: URL of an image for this page for Twitter (maybe other uses?)
  • imagealt: Alterante text for the image
  • twitterlabel1: Label 1 for twitter.
  • twitterlabel2: Label 2 for twitter.
  • twitterdata1: Data 1 for twitter.
  • twitterdata2: Data 2 for twitter.
  • author: Author of the post.
  • viewport: Contents for the viewport meta tag in the page header.
  • id: ID for this resource

Template Hierarchy:

  • base.j2
    • frontpage.j2: The index.html page
    • blog.j2: Page for a specific blog


  • Look at DraftsPlugin (is_draft to mark a post as draft and not include it if site is in prod) Initial setup:
virtualenv-3.8 p
. ./p/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt