A module for interacting w/ the Enphase Enjoy solar controller. It currently has a simple program for logging data, such as production and per panel data.
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This is a module to interact w/ the Enphase Envoy solar controllers. It is designed to interact directly w/ the controller, and NOT use the Enlighten cloud API. This is for people who do not want their personal information sold to third parties.

It will consist of two parts, the data logger part, that will issue requests and write the output to a file (see the file start), and a second part which will parse the log files and allow you to interact with the data, such as fetch the data for a particular time.

Note: This code was written quickly so that I wouldn't lose the data on my recently installed system. It needs to be updated to be use proper TDD, which likely could have caught some of the bugs/errors such as when the Envoy goes off-line.