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  John-Mark Gurney d8947cd03c Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 4 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 28fd413c26 put this test in the correct location, only need it for read... 4 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 59ddd35512 ignore _DELETE and _FLUSH for now... this makes ZFS work... 4 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 657de5dd05 use a larger buffer, allocate it, and prevent overflowing recv buf.. 4 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney b881314655 add support for _DELETE and _FLUSH commands... 4 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney d580ef7d5c use long instead of int for strtol, and don't allow queue size to be 0... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney f194cdca85 integrate the IO queueing patch I did a number of years ago.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 1973d4d2e2 add socket support to ggate{d,c}. This will use a local unix socket 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney c32bdcb10b dump the report out when it fails 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney f0f6a5a212 add additional build artifacts.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 9b5e545805 add testing infrastructure.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 5d81aa385d add tests from tests/sys/geom/class/gate 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 3e4df4f7f1 ignore build artifacts.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney f9cce3fb1b use system default now that auto scaling is supported... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney f935aa0282 add readme 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney e87facf5c1 Fix up to build stand alone.. 1 year ago
  emaste 11cb9bcea1 ggated: do not expose stack data in sendfail() 1 year ago
  pfg f878ea8b9b various: general adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags. 2 years ago
  bdrewery ed867e4806 DIRDEPS_BUILD: Update dependencies. 3 years ago
  ngie f621dd9351 sbin: normalize paths using SRCTOP-relative paths or :H when possible 3 years ago
  kib 9e615ae8e9 Add kernel interfaces to call EFI Runtime Services. 4 years ago
  allanjude 85f1d52ccb Add missing history sections to a number of storage related man pages 4 years ago
  ak ea72d5e7e4 Remove last remnants of acd(4), mcd(4), and scd(4) drivers. 4 years ago
  grehan a040755d4e Import bhyve_graphics into CURRENT. Thanks to all who tested 4 years ago
  grehan 3b495ee1aa Create branch for bhyve graphics import. 4 years ago
  ngie 1d384fcc69 MFC r294973: 4 years ago
  ngie 9f45dcac92 Add pidfile support to ggated(8) 4 years ago
  ngie 54334fcc97 Integrate 4 years ago
  ngie 63f32471b0 Add -F pidfile to usage(..) 4 years ago
  ngie 7a51dd003c Add pidfile support to ggated 5 years ago
  ngie 401cdeba19 Use a more common pattern for parsing with getopt(3) 5 years ago
  ngie 52ce820bdc Sort imports 5 years ago
  brueffer 68e6f4213c MFC: r285529 5 years ago
  brueffer ab106a2977 MFC: r285531 5 years ago
  brueffer fdcd03918c Cleanup; mostly language with a little bit of mdoc style. 5 years ago
  brueffer befef73259 Unbreak ggatec and ggatel on i386 after r238119, which added two more 5 years ago
  brueffer 1722b09d90 If ggated's exports_find() fails, the connection is removed before 5 years ago
  sjg 505503464e Add META_MODE support. 5 years ago
  sjg 33f0ffcf34 dirdeps.mk now sets DEP_RELDIR 5 years ago
  sjg 00b9099baf Merge sync of head 5 years ago
  sjg 7399480b6b Merge from head 5 years ago
  jgh 18d2e6bc23 MFC: r281324 5 years ago
  jgh 0da38141b5 - ggatel.8 currently doesn't mention the 'rescue' command and 5 years ago
  wblock e3cd5a405a MFC 280988: 5 years ago
  wblock 093ea0100e Add articles, avoid use of "you", simplify a few sentences. 5 years ago
  bapt 70192b2a78 Convert sbin/ to LIBADD 6 years ago
  sjg 13384da332 Merge head from 7/28 6 years ago
  bapt 5530873a57 use .Mt to mark up email addresses consistently (part1) 6 years ago
  sjg baf638d23b Updated dependencies 6 years ago
  sjg 3c1c45336e Updated dependencies 6 years ago