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  John-Mark Gurney f41ced6f53 Merge commit 'fa9a60a10f9b2c0c650b502c98ba648767289bad' 2 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney fa9a60a10f Squashed 'strobe/' changes from 66b501fd..0aa9e2ab 2 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney ed2c137d8c now that we require obj dir, we need to cd into CURDIR for these commands.. 2 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 4f1ee9b7c4 new gcc thinks some arrays get overrun, they don't, change 2 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 114716c830 rename var to prevent collision 2 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 2751a5ac1b mark external and define in proper header to fix compilation... 2 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 77cd0a6558 support generating a private/public key pair by running this... 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney fad1e9fe22 add test for pk version of the commands... 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney f9d398eca8 add tests for python version round trip... and minor fix for seeding 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney e1c5f656a7 fix misspelling of by 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 2ea0bcd42a clean up test output, and verify that the error message is correct.. 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney f4e3ac0fcf fix running with shared keys... 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney f0945ec93a make printing ctype arrays pretty. 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney e70b76111f convert the irrigation project to sysinits... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney d78bc3510e make generic, but turns out unneeded on NODE151.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney cf78ec4531 add target to generate list of sysinits used 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney f6515c2355 switch to main.h so it pulls in the correct hal headers.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney ce1ca7d634 comment which pins for programming to save me looking at the pdf.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney f8bbd0e754 use family independent main.h to support l1.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 34dc2bf0a2 disable test key. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 4d369b9517 big drop adding the USB HID part of this project... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 918aeebb51 add missing entries from previous commits... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 0fdb406890 fix wording slightly, say when the file changes (as a warning).. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 0020c7196b add USB, add proper _LAST, and verify range, support void functions 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 4598390005 remove stupid RESET usage, check sanity... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney d7d571c8a8 add some useful reference links.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 49c70af631 describe board directory.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 11f6b086db wrap debugpos when at end of buffer.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney beb8ef644e fix UB... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 0ca73bfff8 if the pending session returns a packet, use it, might be first of neg 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 15cac28819 add a header that implement cycle counting for some arm cortex-m cores.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 52316ea2cc add an include guard... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney fa6a25d7b1 add adc and flash HAL files, delete customhid, as it won't be used.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 105314a453 add warning about the license excluding use by ST. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 6d2a66ee62 add the descriptor length here.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney a3eb1e8b4d get the basic rs485 to cdc gateway working... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 784e175652 add info on how to debug irq handler issues.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 3d9d8a3d9c add wrapper, si_usb.h, clean up si_usb a little, and use wrapper 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 606ba3ea78 use SYSINIT and break things out/make more generic and modular... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney bbab428226 make compile w/o other header pollution.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney c171ea44b0 make sysinit's work, required a make to the linker script.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney ac1a5177b4 add framework to get things started... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney dbf02e30d0 pull in the files need for f103c8t6 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney cd7bd758ea move more into mu.progs.mk, reorder depends.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney e171cb4ad8 ignore my standard venv dir name.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney e3655696da move some more generic infra over 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 2e02dccfc1 pull this from same dir we parsed from.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 30dec330dc include from the current dir.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 30338ee49b move runbuild to .progs, improve comments.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney c5bb2d4d68 break up the README to an overview and the parts.. 1 year ago