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  John-Mark Gurney e70b76111f convert the irrigation project to sysinits... 3 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney cd7bd758ea move more into mu.progs.mk, reorder depends.. 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney e3655696da move some more generic infra over 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 30338ee49b move runbuild to .progs, improve comments.. 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 1a4eaedea5 refactor things a bit more into support mk files... 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 4a2795a593 s/liblora/libsyote/ s/lora_comms/syote_comms/ 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney 6ae7529c16 rearch builds a bit.. start migrating various build options to mk/* files.. 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney a3d7add3e5 move x25519 tests to _comms module, more will be added.. 6 months ago
  John-Mark Gurney aed17ebf69 use python3 to run python 3 programs... Using python is a mistake 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 4a4ef7b580 make sure OBJDIR doesn't match CURDIR.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney de3acae8ab the files need to be marked PHONEY so they are ALWAYS rebuilt.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney dfac9f97b0 the deps make duplicate files, uniqify them so entr can handle the list... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 9fc72aa4f5 add some usage to README, also doc and improve shared key use/gen... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 38510f74da add some diagrams, and the infrastructure to make them... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 62ddf5d243 start implementing the core part of the irrigation controller... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 8bb1db837c fix up the dep generation to include the new files.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 4f71fa354b add infrastructure to support the gateway and irrigation firmwares.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 56897ac5b9 add a server/gateway between multicast and the lora TX/RX... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 6c383ce883 add a module for doing multicast work.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 827cb9a62c fix up coverage omit to drop venv installed packages... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 9db30b71f0 add support for saving PRNG state to EEPROM... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 1f22cf570d output the .map file as well, this helps figure out where things are.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 22f89f5ce6 make sure that the failure is properly propegated.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 0e098d73c2 abstract out deps to allow adding more dep files... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney fbe09e92b7 sort files in the Makefile.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 0415edce83 add copyright statement to various files as needed.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney e3843b2e27 print out a little bit more of the messages.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 5ad4088bf8 add the start of the C version for the uC... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 0b580fc32b now that we support an OBJDIR, fix up the python tests... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 90ff8701a8 get tx/rx working between two Node151's.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney e0ee973abb add loramac, and make the subtree stuff generic.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney e5d6a4e73c make path a parameter as well... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney df2aac27e6 clang doesn't work yet because there isn't a minimal set of headers for it.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney ab2637258f get basic usb CDC working, and basic strobe working... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney c602a3a894 add depend target, and use the depend to make files to pass to entr to run build.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 899679fce4 enable all warnings and error on them.. fix a couple warnings/errors.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney eda0e27068 add the code to initalize the RNG w/ SRAM.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney d037cee5de start the Makefile.. some basic arm building, and python test running.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney af00e2f94b start of makefile, targets to maintain strobe.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 190022e760 Squashed 'strobe/' content from commit 66b501f 1 year ago